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Pakistan is on of the 10 largest rice producing country in the world. Rice of different varieties are cultivated in 3.35 Million hectares with an annual production of 8.5 Million Metric Tons for the year 2021. (1.12% percent of global production). Pakistani rice are exported to more than 30 countries in the world. The main producing areas are Sindh & Punjab. Pakistan is the 3rd highest rice exporting country in the world in terms of Quantity and 4th highest in terms of Value. In 2021 Pakistan exported around 4 Million Tons Rice worth USD 2.16 Billion. Pakistan constitute 8% share in world total exports. Pakistan is the top exporter of Brown rice since 2019. In 2021 Pakistan exported around 415,053 Tons Rice worth USD 328 Million. Pakistan constitute 22.1% share in Brown rice global exports.

Growth Stages of Rice


Paddy Seedling

Modern Harvesting

Rice Processing

Paddy/Husked Rice

Rice Milling

Rice Milling

Dehusking Plant PERC, Kamoki

Final/polished Rice

Types of RICE in Pakistan

Basmati Varieties
Non-Basmati Varieties
Coarse or Medium Grain Varieties
Hybrid Rice

Basmati 370

Basmati C622

Basmati Pak

Basmati 198

Basmati 385

Super Basmati

Basmati 2000

Basmati 515

Chenab Basmati

Punjab Basmati

Kissan Basmati

Super Basmati 2019

Super Gold

KSK 111H

Mushkan 41

Mushkan 7

PK 1121 Aromatic

PK 2021 Aromatic

Jhona 349

Sathra 278



PK 177

KSK 282

KSK 133

KSK 434



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