International Food & Agriculture Exhibition

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Pakistan is an agricultural country that contributes 22.7 percent to the National GDP and provide employment to around 37 percent of the population. Cotton, sugarcane, rice, wheat and maize are the major crops cultivated in the country alongwih many minor crops. Livestock sector contributes 14 percent to the National GDP with an estimated milk production of 51.34 million tons of fishes are also produced for local consumption and exports. Cotton based products, rice, meat, sea food, fruits, vegetables, tobacco, spices, dry fruits, sugar and their value added products are exported all around the world. The value of exports of agro-food sector is estimated to be around 5.4 billion USD annually. In terms of Agricultural production, the country’s ranking in the world in cotton & chickpeas is 4th, sugarcane and lady finger is 5th, mango, dates, guava and chilies is 6th, wheat and onion is 8th, tobacco and spinach is 9th, rice is 10th, citrus and cauliflower is 11th and milk is 12th. Pakistan is the 4th largest exporter of rice.
The objective of FoodAg is to introduce our products in the conventional and non-conventional markets to enhance the agro based exports and to facilitate the availability of raw and value added products to the international community.
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