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Pakistan produces 2.6 million tons of Non GMO citrus annually and is ranked as 12th with respect to citrus production in the world. The Pakistan citrus is valued all over the world due to its ease in peeling, high juice content, delicious and refreshing taste, attractive color and high nutritional contents. Different citrus varieties like Mandarin, Oranges, Grape Fruits, Lemon and Lime are produced in the country. The main production areas are Sargodha and Bhalwal in Punjab province of Pakistan. Out of all the varieties Mandarin (Citrus reticulate Blanco) is the prominent variety produced and exported. It accounts to about 80 percent of the total production of citrus in Pakistan. This variety is famous for its juicy, soft and scented characteristics. It is easy to peel and rind with multiple glands. Peel color is yellowish orange with brix content of 10-13% and firmness of 3 kg/cm2. The fruit size varies from 56 to 100 mm that are separately graded and packed for the designated markets. The main export markets are Afghanistan, Russian Federation, Philippines, UAE and Indonesia. Pakistan also produces value added products from citrus to include juice, pulp, concentrates, Jams, marmalade, peel oil and several confectionery items. Pakistan also produces various types of sweet oranges (Citrus cinensis) viz. Washington Nevil, Succri, Red Blood, Jaffa, Ruby Red etc. Grape Fruits (Citrus paradise), Eureka and Rough Lemon (Citrus jambhiri) and Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) are also produced in different parts of the country to meet the local and international demands.


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